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Tax Free Germany

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Tax Free Germany specializes in VAT reimbursement to travellers of countries outside the European Union. By so doing, we collaborate with retailers from different sectors in Germany.

As our business partner, you get our full support from the beginning. This starts with training your staff as well as furnishing your store with promotional advertising material. In addition to that we undertake the administrative expenditures. And since we know the legal basis, we not only take over the transaction but also the entire risk of VAT reimbursement. Our company undertakes all VAT reimbursement formalities with the revenue authority.

Tax Free Germany has the knowledge and experience to successfully use Tax Free Shopping as a selling tool. Participate in VAT reimbursement and make use of our services in your shops to promote a strong partnership. Together we are strong and can achieve more prosperity!

Satisfied Customers

When you as a retailer and your customers are satisfied, then we have achieved our goal. You and your customer's satisfaction are our number one priority. We do our best to make the VAT reimbursement for you and your foreign customers simple. Make use of our services and benefit from our experience.