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How can I save money with Tax Free while shopping?


How can we offer our clients Tax Free Service and rise our revenue?

Tax Free Germany

Shopping with Passion

Increase your sales with foreign customers through VAT reimbursement. Here trademarked products are very treasured due to their quality and design which attracts tourists to travel to Germany for shopping. As a retailer, we urge you to use this constellation to maximise your sales revenue through our service.

Tax Free Germany is a company that made VAT reimbursement to its task. Through our service, we provide a simple, comfortable and quick reimbursement to travelers of countries outside the European Union.

As a retailer, VAT reimbursement gives you access to remarkable price benefits, thus promoting the purchasing decision. In order for a reimbursement to take place, the customs and revenue authority regulations have to be observed. The tourist has no possibility to have the VAT reimbursement from the revenue authorities on his own.

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