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Tax Free Shopping


  1. Your place of residence is a non – EU Member State and you can prove it to the customs with your passport or with your ID card. The nationality of the person involved does not play a role.
  2. Your valid residence permit is no longer than 3 months and
  3. You carry out the goods within 3 months in your personal luggage (ie before the third following month on the purchase has expired).

In the shops

  1. Search for shops which has a Tax Free Germany sticker
  2. Ask the store personal for a Tax Free Germany form
  3. You will receive a Tax Free Germany form tackered together with your sales receipt.
  4. Please fill in this Tax Free Germany form with your adresse and sign it!


The customs must confirm the export of goods. This you can do only at the last point where you will leave the EU. Usually this is done at the airport or at the border, for example, Germany – Switzerland. You have to present the purchased goods together with the Tax Free Germany voucher, the original invoice/receipt and your passport to the competent customs office. The customs stamps confirming the export of the goods. Only in combination with the customs stamp will our voucher along with the original invoice become an export document.


At the airport

  1. If you have your Tax free goods in your suitcase, please inform it at the Check-In, that you have tax free goods in your suitcase and your suitcase has to be sent to the customs. You get back your boarding card, which you must present it together with your suitcase at the customs. Your suitcase will be then transported by the customs on the plane!
  2. 2. If your Tax Free goods are in your hand luggage, please check in your hand luggage and go to the customs after the security checkpoint.
  • Show your completed Tax Free Germany papers, your passport, your boarding pass and your luggage at the customs and follow the instructions of the customs officers. When your ax Free Germany papers and the goods are acceptable, you will receive a customs stamp.
  • Afterwards,you may claim reimbursement at one of the Tax Free Germany cashier locations.
  • You can also send the stamped Tax Free voucher along with the original invoice by using the pre-franked envelope (which was handed out in the shop) to the Tax Free Germany headquarters. Please drop the envelope only in a postal mailbox. Please write down your credit card number in the Tax Free Germany voucher due to the money transfer. Likewise, you will find these envelopes at all our payment locations! A credit to your credit card account is carried out according inbox within three working days.